Property Investors

Property Investors

ETS assists landlords with compliance of local lead testing requirements, avoiding costly fines and also penalties as well. Limit Your Liability and Get Your Lead Testing Done By an ETS Professional.

Property investors must disclose known information on lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards before leases take effect. Leases must include a specific warning statement about lead-based paint. Get a lead test on your rental property before your tenants move in to know if any lead hazards exist.

Limit your unknown liabilities when comes to lead paint compliance!


Attention Philadelphia Landlords!

Do you own properties built before 1978?

City Ordinance 100011-A

Beginning December 21, 2012, the Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification Law will require Philadelphia landlords to ensure that property rented to families with children 6 years and younger is lead safe.

What does the law require?

Upon turnover (change of occupancy), landlords must provide a Philadelphia. Department of Public Health (PDPH) Lead Safe Certificate or Lead Free. Certificate to every new tenant who has children 6 years or under who will be residing in a property built before 1978. The landlord MUST receive one of the following:

Lead Free Certificate The home must have a lead inspection using XRF pass the dust wipe test. If everything comes up negative, the lead FREE cert is given to the landlord. The cert is good for LIFE of the home.

Lead Safe Certificate The home must pass the dust wipe exam. NO XRF is used. The cert is good for 2 years.

Important Notice for NJ Landlords!

If you own a 1-4 family dwelling built before 1978, you may be required under New Jersey's Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act (LHCAA) to have the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) inspect every single-family and two-family rental dwelling for lead-based paint hazards at least once every 5 years. Previously under the Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law, one and two unit dwellings had been exempt from these inspections, now with the LHCAA amendment, those units also are subject DCA inspection.

One way to gain an exemption from this five year inspection requirement is to have your properties certified "Lead Free" by a New Jersey Certified Lead Evaluation firm. Environmental Testing Services, LLC can provide that Certificate after a LEAD-FREE inspection of your property.

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