Child Care Facility Testing

Child Care Facilities

We provide daycare owners and operators with the expert environmental testing services they need to protect the children in their care.

ETS tests child care facilities for state initial and re-certification licensing.

We also offer free toy and content testing at your daycare center. We also come out and test toys for any of your clients at your open houses to recruit new children.

ETS will provide a Lead Save Certificate to promote your lead safe environment for your prospective clients.


Did You Know?

  • One square inch of lead paint can poison 500 kids.
  • Children under 6 absorb 70% of lead ingested.
  • There is no acceptable level of lead for a child.
  • Symptoms of lead poisoning include: learning difficulties, development delay, irratability, abdominal pain, vomiting and hearing loss.
  • Lead is also harmful for adults.
  • Three-quarters of the nation's housing contains lead paint.
  • There are usually no symptoms.
  • Lead poisoning is 100% preventable.

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